Monthly rental fee, EURO/month Fixed amount 50 100
Traffic volume fee, EURO/minute Off-net terminated calls through all vendors actually billed during a month


0.0015 (1 min ÷ 1M min)
0.0012  (1 M min ÷ 5 M min)
0.0010   (> 5 M min)
One-Time set-up fee, EURO Includes initial Partition Configuration and  Training 300 500
main features included to the plan
Training on-line WEB conference 3 hours 6 hours over 2 or more days
PortaBilling individual environment main billing & management system Y Y
PortaSIP virtual instance with dedicated IP address Y Y
API access external automated access to the system (i.e. to make own WEB site) Y Y
Built-in VoIP termination any PortaLinks’ VoIP termination Plan Y Y
3-rd party VoIP termination any preferred VoIP termination vendor N/A Y
Support 24/7 e-mail support Y Y
Monitoring 24/7 system health monitoring Y Y

any option can be activated at any time to a minimum period of 1 month

OPTION name Description One-Time set-up fee, EURO Monthly rental fee, EURO/month
Unified Messaging service handles voice, fax, and regular e-mail messages as objects in a mailbox 50 50
IVR option for Unified Messaging service Unified Messaging server for Calling Card, Callback, Account Self-care and other IVR applications. 50 50
Callshop Billing System real-time 3-level callshop billing system with WEB-based user interface 50 100
Conference server allows to organize multiway audio- and video-conferences 100 100
Presence server enables real-time presence functions like BLF 100 50
Secondary SIP server additional virtual instance with dedicated IP address 50 50
Individual instance of PortaBilling
WEB interface
with own dedicated IP address, domain name and SSL certificate 100 20
Voice recording service 10 Gb HDD space (up to 5’000 hours using G.711 codec) 50 50
Voice recording extension additional 20 Gb HDD space (up to 10’000 hours using G.711 codec) 20 20
VPN access server allows to provide customers with VoIP-over-VPN service 50 50
Anti-fraud on-line monitor allows to minimize the risk for overdraft on customer’s and/or vendor’s account provoked by different types of fraud 50 50
Advanced training

on-line WEB conference 6 hours over 2 days

200 N/A

There are two DEMO PLANS available:

  • Common DEMO

Two weeks free of charge service. Includes access to the common demo main system SP.
No technical support provided in case of this service.

  • Individual DEMO

Four week access to the individual demo main system SP environment.
Includes e-mail technical support and 2 hours of training.
Service cost is 250 EUR VAT exclusive, refundable in case of any commercial PLAN order.

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