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Our softswitch is running on the multiple DELL Blade Servers which offer an ideal blend of density, performance, efficiency, scalability and reliability.


Our softswitch contains PortaSwitch (https://portaone.com/) as the core and multiple own applications, modules and internal tools. Each business critical component of PortaSwitch is placed in a cluster of multiple servers to deliver exceptional redundancy of these essential functions; in addition, transparent load-sharing increases the capacity level of the whole system.


The most part of our equipment is located in INTERXION datacenter in Brussels, Belgium (https://www.interxion.com ) which offer the highest level of security (full redundancy, permanent power supply, efficient cooling, outstanding fire protection, flawless leak detection, etc.).

Internet connection

PortaLinks uses its own independent network and IP address range for all of the services provided. Uninterrupted Internet connectivity used: with two separate lines coming in from two different ISPs, we have eliminated our risk of data communication downtime.

Special add-ons

PortaLinks has developed a number of special applications and options necessary for telecom business and all of them are now integrated to the PortaSwitch’s environment:

  • CallShop Billing Solution is an online web-application for managing callshops with unlimited number of callshops and booths with the convenient way of tracing and charging the calls. The Application can be connected to the Service Provider’s environment for providing a complete solution for resellers who manage callshops.
  • Smart Routing Engine is another important and extremely valuable product of PortaLinks that can help in managing multiple interconnections with the carriers (vendors) with the best possible performance. The engine is analyzing the quality statistics of each A-Z destination from each carrier at the system and generates the optimal routing plan according to the defined terms (the terms like a balance of cost and quality are defined by the Service Provider).
  • A special module for ordering the DIDs. This module is integrated to the environment and you can order the access numbers (DIDs) directly from the PortaBilling’s interface without contacting the DID provider and spending a time for negotiations and correspondence. Everything is already prepared by us!
  • Payment processing module can be easily integrated to the Service Provider’s environment. This is an on-line E-commerce module for the accounts provisioning with PayPal, credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro etc.). The option requires a direct deal of Service Providers with merchants as PortaLinks provides only the integration modules.
  • Anti-fraud on-line monitor allows to minimize the risk for overdraft on customer’s and/or vendor’s account provoked by any of the following events:
    • Simultaneous fraudulent calls to the Special (as Shared Cost, Premium Number, etc.) and other fraudulent (as Somalia, Sierra Leone, etc.) destinations
    • Simultaneous suspicious calls to the expensive destinations
    • Hidden calls to expensive destinations by modifying the called number, adding non-numeric characters to it and/or duplicated country code
    • Prompt consumption of the Balance, formed as a result of fraudulent electronic payment by carrying out the above operations with calls
    • Looped calls


PortaLinks’ Service Provider solution gives you the advantage of getting an industry leading softswitch and billing platform without any serious investments, equipment and deployment costs.  Our carrier-grade platform lets you offering a full list of variable VoIP services. Your business will get a boost to success with us!

No investments

When you get a hosted VoIP softswitch and billing platform from PortaLinks you don’t have to invest in your own infrastructure: no need to purchase hardware (VoIP equipment, servers) and software (softswitch), no need to spend money for collocation and internet, no need to pay for deployment and installation services and have a technical team for managing whole platform. With Service provider solution you can manage your VoIP business through the internet browser on your PC. It’s a cloud!

Freedom to choose any VoIP or PSTN termination carrier for your traffic

With Service Provider Solution you’re free to use any provider you need for VoIP termination, origination and other key services. Our flexible routing lets you use as many providers as you need to balance both cost and quality.

Access to the special developments of PortaLinks at affordable costs

PortaLinks has developed a number of special applications and options necessary for telecom business and all of them are now integrated to the PortaSwitch’s environment.

Freedom to add/cancel different modules when needed

A basic package contains only the most necessary modules of the platform which are required for doing a telecom business. As your business progress you can order additional modules to generate some specific products, options and features for your customers. Our approach to the hosting switch solution is easy and convenient for anyone in the telecom world.

Intensive training and documentation

are provided to the Service Providers for deeper and wider understanding of the platform’s structure, main principals and conditions.


All the key features of PortaLinks’ Service Provider solution are based on PortaSwitch platform. As PortaOne describes “PortaSwitch is built around a comprehensive converged billing software system and includes a class 4-5 SIP softswitch with media application servers. PortaSwitch provides access to the complete C5 hosted IPPBX / IP Centrex functionality and the ultimate feature set for calling card and VoIP wholesale businesses.”

The most important technical features:

  • Powerful hosted billing system for VoIP, TDM telephony and ISP with full 4-tier billing scheme
  • Profit guarantee feature
  • Support of any number of external RADIUS-compliant gateways
  • Anti-fraud protection (tools and on-line monitoring)
  • On-line overdraft protection for both pre-paid and post-paid customers
  • Real-time CallShop billing system
  • Real-time reporting
  • Flexible Call Routing (LCR, Priority based, Fail-over, Adaptive)
  • NAT Traversal Support
  • CODEC transparent
  • Automated Credit and Payment control
  • Automated Invoicing
  • E-payments support
  • Multi-currency support for both Customers and Vendors
  • Multi-language administration and customer self-care interfaces
  • Multi-level user interface (Service Provider, Reseller, Customer, Account, etc.)
  • Multiple ready-to-use IVR scenarios
  • Multi-level tariff management features
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